Top 9 CA Chartered Accountant in Muzaffarpur 2023

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Top 9 CA Chartered Accountant in Muzaffarpur: बिहार के मुजफ्फरपुर जिले के 9 चार्टड एकाउन्टेंट के बारे में इस पोस्ट के माध्यम से जानकारी दी जा रही है, जो आपके व्यवसाय से संबंधित नीचे लिखे सेवायें प्रदान करते है

Company Registration

  • Private Limited Company Registration
  • One Person Company (OPC) Registration
  • Public Limited Company Registration
  • Producer Company Registration
  • Partnership Firm Registration
  • Sole Proprietorship Registration
  • LLP Registration
  • Company Registration

Special Entities Registration

  • MSME Registration
  • Society Registration
  • Section 8 Company Registration
  • Nidhi Company Registration
  • NGO Registration
  • Trust Registration
  • Telemarketing Registration
  • FCRA Registration

Tax Registration

  • Professional Tax Registration
  • Excise Registration
  • TAN Registration
  • PSARA Registration

Licenses Registration

  • FSSAI Registration
  • Import Export Code (IEC) Registration
  • ISO Registration
  • Trade License
  • Provident Fund Registration
  • ESI Registration

GST Services

  • GST Registration
  • GST Return Filing
  • GST Audit

Tax Filing

  • Business Tax Filing
  • TDS Return Filing
  • LLP Annual Filing
  • ESI Return Filing
  • ITR Filing


  • ROC Compliance
  • Proprietorship Compliance
  • Partnership Firm Compliance
  • LLP Compliance
  • Private Limited Company Compliance

Company Conversion

  • Partnership to LLP
  • Private Limited to One Person Company
  • Private Limited to Public Limited Company
  • Sole Proprietorship to Private Limited Company

Corporate Services

  • Company Name Change
  • Share Transfer
  • Registered Office Address Change
  • Add/Remove Directors (Company)
  • Increase Authorised Share Capital
  • Close Company & LLP
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • TDS & Withholding Tax
  • Expatriate Taxation
  • International Taxation
  • Account Outsourcing
  • Income Tax Matters & Tax Planning Design
  • Due Diligence
  • Appeal to Commissioner of Income Tax
  • Certification & Attestation Services
  • Implementation & Review of Accounting Manual

Audit Services

  • Internal Audit
  • Stock Audit
  • Bank Concurrent Audit
  • Proprietary Audit
  • Concurrent Audit
  • Revenue Audit
  • Audit of Form 15CA and Form 15CB of Income Tax Act
  • Internal Finance Control (IFC) and Financial Reporting Audit
अन्य पढ़ेः-  CA Chartered Accountant Kaise Bane Hindi 2023

1. G. P. Tulsyan

Firm Name:- G. P. Tulsyan & Co.
Owner:- Gopal Prasad Tulsyan
Address:- Sikandarpur Chowk, Muzaffarpur

:- Main Service Offer

Income Tax Return Filling, Gst Return Filling, MCA Filling, Scrutiny, Tax Audit, GST Audit, Company Creation, Project Creation, Finance Advice, Books Keeping, Bank Audit

Contact Details:-

2. A.R.Sureka

Firm Name:- A.R.Sureka & Co.
Owner:- A.R.Sureka
Address:- Saraiyaganj, Muzaffarpur
Services:-  Tax Audit
Contact Details:-

3. L. K. Kejriwal

Firm Name:- L. K. Kejriwal
Owner:- L. K. Kejriwal
Address:- Jawaharlal Road, Muzaffarpur
Services:-  Tax Audit
Contact Details:-

4. K. K. Choudhary

Firm Name:- Choudhary & Choudhary Associates
Owner:- K. K. Choudhary
Address:- Near Reliance Petrol Pump, Muzaffarpur
Contact Details:-

5. Ashish Mashkara

Firm Name:- Ashish Mashkara & Company
Owner:- Ashish Mashkara
Address:- Muzaffarpur
Contact Details:-

6. Chandan Thakur

Firm Name:- Chandan Thakur & Associates
Owner:- Chandan Thakur
Address:- Muzaffarpur
Contact Details:-

7. S. B. Sharma

Firm Name:- S. B. Sharma & Associates
Owner:- S. B. Sharma
Address:- Maripur, Muzaffarpur
Contact Details:-

8. A. R. Srivastava

Firm Name:- A. R. Srivastava
Owner:- A. R. Srivastava
Address:- Brahmpura, Muzaffarpur
Contact Details:-

9. Munna Singh

Firm Name:- Munna Singh
Owner:- Munna Singh
Address:- Club Road, Ramna, Muzaffarpur
Contact Details:-
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